ScottSprungerScott is a lifelong resident of Butler, IN, a tiny community that has provided the education and background for his poetry and his non-fiction writing. In the tradition of James Whitcomb Riley, Scott has an innate talent for expressing himself in a way that truly reflects life in Indiana in a unique and heartfelt style. Like Riley, he is a working man, not an academic, and his poetry comes directly from his soul.

Scott’s poetry conveys a distinct sense of place by bringing readers to the gravel roads of Dekalb County. Yet his work is able to resonate, on a very personal level, with Hoosiers everywhere. The images he paints are of familiar scenes that we often pass by, but he inspires us to pause and look again, and ponder their deeper meanings. Through his words, we see the beauty, the character, and hard work of Hoosiers, in the rust and dust he speaks so fondly of and describes so well.

In short, Scott’s poetry highlights and celebrates Indiana’s special everyday landmarks and our shared history. Each piece tells a story that pulls readers into the very real lives of the characters. The settings and emotions may be familiar, everyday activities, but he elevates and honors them.

Finding Time