NOVEMBER 17, 2018

We want to publish your poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, dramas, and art
that is connected to northeast Indiana and the local region in our second issue.

Guidelines for Submission

Landlocked Lyres a regional literary magazine based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it is published semi-annually in the spring and fall. We publish a variety of artistic mediums including:

Fiction: the art of weaving a lying coherence from words.

This includes short stories or flash pieces. We ask that you keep to a limit of 5,000 words, but this is only a rough estimate. If your submission has more, then it will have more. As long as it isn’t a huge tome or novel, we will be happy to look at your submission. We also ask that you save the document as .docx for easy formatting.

Poetry: collage and texture with text and breath.

We ask that you submit a maximum of five poems, the minimum number is up to you. For easier formatting, we also require that the document is saved as .docx and that each poem is saved as a separate document.

Creative Non-Fiction: distilling the shocks of the world into your prose truth.

Send us short memoirs or essays that will blow us away. Feel free to send multiple shorter pieces, if you have them. As with fiction, your submission should not exceed 5,000 words. A rough rule! Hit us with .docx files.

Drama: giving a scaffolding for your words to play out.

We’d love to have your short plays or monologues. As with our prose guidelines, please keep your submission to roughly 5,000 words or less. Still prefer .docx.

Art and Photography: your light captured in blocks.

In the past, we have published photography and digital art. Anything you have, we want to see. Try and limit yourself to your 10 favorite images (or less). We only ask that the files are saved as high resolution .jpeg or .png formats.

Have you decided what you want to share? Great! Leave your name off of the documents and get those puppies polished.

Send all submissions to Feel free to add a little blurb about yourself. We love to get know the writers and artists that contribute. We want to hear your connection to the area and what you have to offer!

If you need to, let us know why you deviated from the submission guidelines. Tell us you couldn’t pick a favorite and that all the pieces had to be shown together. Tell us that you hate Word files and think it’s bougie to ask everyone to save files that way. Tell us your piece is something completely different from what we have above.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please email us to notify if
your work is published elsewhere. We have no preference for or prejudice
against genre. We are not currently reading full-length manuscripts.

We want previously unpublished material and reserve first publication
rights. Rights revert to the artist upon publication, but we’d love a shout out on re-publication.