Keifer May – Editor

Keifer May is a bookseller, author, and (foremost to his heart) poet. He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his loving partner. Keifer likes long walks on the beach, sipping good coffee, and thoughtful empathy-demanding creative work. He has served as editor for Confluence, IPFW’s literary magazine.

He is currently mulling over a novel and writing surrealist-confessional poetry. Sometimes he blogs his poetry and essays at thisisnotachapbook.com. Most times he doesn’t.

R. Nathaniel Fifer – Editor

R. Nathaniel Fifer has been creating stories since he was a child. It was a passive hobby from then on, something he wished that he took more seriously but alas the choices of young age are trapped in the past. He began to take his writing seriously in his mid-to-late twenties. He is the creator of the science fiction short story series, Old Codger Fights. Writing, reading, photography and art are among his passions.

He is in the process of creating an author site.

Shaun Bryan – Editor

Shaun is a local bookseller living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He enjoys growing bonsai, music, philosophy, and much more. Although he would never label himself an author, he attempts to compose a story from time to time, usually bordering on the absurd and difficult to understand. As he would say, “Words is hard.”