A vague question with varying answers and truths.

We believe in the subtle art of the lie. The way a well-crafted story can change perceptions and even lives. We are moved by lyrical poetry, photography and art in its numerous forms. We hope to help foster that light and darkness that lives in us all. We are here to promote and provide a community of support for creatives in our region. As writers, we understand the inherent need to be heard and more importantly understood.

Landlocked Lyres is here as a platform for Midwest artists—whether new or established—of all backgrounds. As a literary magazine from Fort Wayne, Indiana, we want to feature people from and connected to this area. We want to publish work from authors and artists from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, but we will accept submissions from anyone who wants to share their work with us and thinks it will fit our vision. 

Please see submissions for more information.